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Elodie + Sophie Rue,

Los Angeles City Metropolitan Area


KYS Group Corp ( is a leading design firm for Elodie Apparel and Sophie Rue. We have established a reputation as one of the best clothing design and production houses in the USA and Asia. Our reputation was built on performance, trust and most importantly, creativity. We love what we do and are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration!


Elodie Apparel ( Elodie is an on-trend fashion brand meant for the Millennials, Gen Z and the cusp "Zillennials". Elodie celebrates its community by advocating for intersectionality through self expression in our clothes. As a brand, we want to highlight everyone's individual experiences and stories in a way that connects people through thoughts, feelings or beliefs. We are here to celebrate and inspire people to their limitless potential.


Sophie Rue ( Sophie Rue is an edited, women's wear collection meant to feel personal and putting your comfort first. Our goal is to create pieces that never take a second thought. Whether it's how it will fit, or what it will match with, the collection will make those questions irrelevant. Keeping our line small and curated allows for a more sustainable approach and create a real relationship between our clothes, and you - the wearer. We hope you can see the difference in our clothes, which has been thoughtfully #madeforyou



  • You'll be responsible for measuring and optimizing marketing campaign effectiveness and helping our go-to-market teams acquire new customers, enhance retention, design and conduct A/B testing for marketing campaigns

  • Supervise usage metrics, understanding business-based explanations for large scale trends and patterns in customer lifecycle behavior

  • Collect, analyze and interpret advertising campaign performance and transactional data

  • Quantify the impact of marketing initiatives on customer success and future behavior



  • At least 3 years of experience with marketing analytics 

  • Deep knowledge of the digital advertising industry or related field

  • Strong communication skills, particularly when articulating findings in meaningful, clear ways to business and marketing stakeholders with an emphasis on actionable insight

  • Experience in analyzing A/B or multivariant testing and personalization initiatives to measure the success of such activities by documenting results, learnings, and recommendations

  • Proactive work style and creative problem solver who has the ability to handle multiple projects, demonstrating a strong work ethic

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